Another Book To Read…

So I was planning on writing my Friday post about the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, announced this morning. Rumors had been circulating, as they often do, and smart money was on one of my personal favorite authors whom I’ve written about on here before, Haruki Murakami. Unfortunately for me, Murakami did not win the Nobel Prize this year. Luckily for me though, Alice Munro did. I have never read any of Alice Munro’s stories. Not a single one. Her name came up in a couple of places over the years at Hanover, but never enough to lead me to her actual works. Until now, of course.

2013 Nobel laureate in literature, Alice Munro (Source:

Now, knowing that she has won and that I have no idea what she has written, I feel some sort of obligation to go seek her out and dig into her work. She has been hailed as one of the greatest writers of contemporary fiction, and even as this generation’s Chekhov. Her work has garnered a number of awards, including the 2009 Man Booker International Prize and Canada’s Governor General’s Award for fiction. Apparently she’s a pretty big deal. And she’s Canadian. The first Canada-based author to win the award ever, in fact (Saul Bellow was born in Quebec but moved to the US where he gained his current fame and so is considered a US author).

This makes two years in a row now that I have been completely unfamiliar with the work of the Nobel laureate in literature. Last year it was Chinese author Mo Yan, whose work I still haven’t gotten my hands on, and now Alice Munro, with a body of short stories apparently on par with Chekhov (which is kind of a big deal). The year before that was a poet (which I guess never piqued my interest as much as fiction writers do) and in 2010 it was Mario Vargas Llosa, which prompted my picking up Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, Death in the Andes, and The War of the End of the World. The fact of the matter is, with regards to Nobel laureates, I’m kind of slipping here. So while I am a little disappointed I don’t get to gush over Murakami’s work yet again on here, I am pretty excited to have a reason to pick up a new author.

A note to my readers:

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving on vacation for the following week. As a result, I will not be updating this blog until a week from Monday. So do not expect anything new or interesting to be put here for another week. I apologize for this inconvenience. Although if this counts as an inconvenience in your life, you may want to reevaluate what exactly your life entails. Anyways, please enjoy the coming week in the absence of this blog. I know I’m going to.


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